Tweet #212 – Jay-Z

5 10 2010

I’m not afraid of dyin’
I’m afraid of not tryin’
Life is just a dream and I really don’t wanna wake up
I really don’t wanna lose

Jay-Z – Beach Chair (Feat. Chirs Martin)

Tweet #210 – Kanye West

27 09 2010

Do I still got time to grow?
I know my destination, but I’m just not there
Life’s not fair

Kanye West – Street Lights

Tweet #197 – G-Unit

27 07 2010

This somethin special y’know
I don’t wanna see you frown
I wanna bring you joy and be (be the reason you smile)

G-Unit – Smile

Tweet #193 – Drake

13 07 2010

I know way too many people here that I didn’t know last year
I’m really too young to be feelin’ this old

Drake – Over

Tweet #179 – Kanye West

31 05 2010

You can still be who you wish you is
And I wonder if you know what it all really mean
Wonder if you’ll ever find your dreams

Kanye West – I Wonder

Tweet #177 – Eminem

27 05 2010

He’s nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready
A normal life is boring
Success is my only motherfucking option, failure’s not
You can do anything you set your mind to, man

Eminem – Lose Yourself

Tweet #173 – The Grouch & Eligh

20 05 2010

Need more passion and wisdom
Give some and take some
I don’t want no fake ones
Need a book full of hope and a bag full of tools
I gotta be all in!

The Grouch & Eligh – All In