Tweet #254 – Deorro Feat. DyCy

3 02 2015

Please, don’t hold me back
Don’t look back
Find the road to follow

Deorro Feat. DyCy – Don’t Hold Me Back

Tweet #215 – Danny Tenaglia

18 10 2010

If you feel that you can’t take no more
And you feel like heading for the door
Then keep on dancing and prancing
Music is the answer

Danny Tenaglia – Music Is The Answer (Deep Dish Deadline Mix)

Tweet #214 – Robbie Rivera

15 10 2010

I’ll never runaway
I’ll never tell you lies
I’ll never cheat on you
I’ll never make you cry

Robbie Rivera – Girlfriend

Tweet #207 – Röyksopp

14 09 2010

World, what you got for me?
Just bring it on
Whatever you do, whatever you say
Nothing can push the feeling away

Röyksopp – Happy Up Here

Tweet #206 – The Chemical Brothers

27 08 2010

Woke up in the mornin’ with initiative so I’ll make it
If you think about it too much you might stumble, trip up, fall on your face

The Chemical Brothers – Galvanize

Tweet #204 – Gorillaz

20 08 2010

If the whole world is crashing down on you
Fall through space out of mind again
My little dream, working the machine

Gorillaz – Empire Ants (Feat. Little Dragon)

Click here to watch Gorillaz + Little Dragon performing this song at Coachella 2010

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Tweet #199 – Hot Chip

30 07 2010

Tell me where you’ve been to
I can tell you something too
I only wanna be your one life stand

Hot Chip – One Life Stand